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The will of one, who's heart so pure, lets out a shout, "Hooray, we're here!" Come and feel my heart today, to open the door to my cave. Inside the light is rare, but dim to cast a shadow, to feel the whim, but in the deepest recesses, there lies a treasure so deer. Come one and all, come be the fall, that's the place, where Rainbow's call, and whence the falling stars delight, comes home to brotherhood in delight.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Eve Invitation

A Christmas Eve Invitation

I was just reading my brother's words, a prayer:

"After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen." KJV Matthew 6 : 9 - 13

My brother and I have a single parent,
Omnipotent being, androgynous father/mother,
always with us in spirit, everywhere,
shared by every living creature as a pure and perfect life spark,
knowing, truthful and wise dual loving androgynous parent.

Our parent, The Feminine Spirit of Wisdom
sparks all spirits with godly light,
and through the candle wax of Creation;
a Male Spirit planted within us the form of an almighty seed of Pure Truth,
giving us the heart of a loving God, with a searching mind
connecting to a feminine heart, ever teaching us to sculpt ourselves
into a loving priceless child of beauty and wisdom.

We are inspired by heavens of Light, energized and nurtured
by our insightful wise mother’s spirit,
given eternal mass/energy flames in an incarnate father form
to develop more perfect ways through love
in perfect concert with cosmic forces about us.

We, the chosen children, are created perfect in soul
given freedom of choice, and sent to suffer and learn
in an impaired body of clay
with raw materials given us to freely learn to self-choose a path
to please our parents and give them the gift of a child’s love.

While we are made perfect, we are given imperfect choices
to fully develop our understanding of love and learn to avoid temptations
of earthly selfish lust and greed. We are given options,
in a sentence of blind-night darkness to teach us new vision,
and are beguiled by inversions taught and logged in earthly hereditary history,
resetting our glorious perfect creation to a choice vision of uncertainty.

We are set free to choose to please or displease to our parents.
For only by our self-chosen-effort are we able to give meaning to our own creation.

We ask everyone to freely join us, searching and accepting truth, finding their own chosen path and making their own wise decisions to ascend with us.

And as we continue learning about our spiritual heritage
we want everyone to know how pure and wonderful our parent is
and how blest we all are.

We are especially blessed by having many other brothers and sisters
of all races, creeds, and colors speaking many languages
having many skills, knowing many talents, coming in many sizes,
with family members from plants, animals and living matter,
heavenly cosmic bodies and stars of many shapes and forms,
and earthly matters of seas, land and stones,
and together we all connect to make one perfect cosmic Creation family.

Tonight, Christmas Eve, I am calling all family members to join with us
in open hearts, imbibing the gifted blessings of our wonderful heritage
as we celebrate tomorrow’s appointed birthday of Jesus, our brother,
the first pure Son of our parent, appointed King of our royal family.

In the Lord’s prayer our brother, Jesus Christ, is teaching the way.

Our parent now prepares a perfect home for our perfect family
to meet our every coming need and keep us ever safe from harm,
as we seek our daily bread relieved from all fear, forgiven of all failure
enjoying full freedom with justice breathing in and adoring
the wondrous beauty of creation.

And today, as we seek and find spiritual healing from all flesh sickness
where on earth we replace every physical pain with spiritual joy,
as we await a new perfect body soon to be given to us.

Soon we who reconnect and please our parent will live in perfection,
eternally in a new perfect body and live in a new home in the heavens
on a new planet earth. (Urantia) in a royal reunion.

This is our parent's dream!

Everyone in our family returning home to live together
in perfect bright shining spiritual glow,
ever lighting the kingdom of our parent in a perfect family reunion,
living together in a perfect new city of mansions in the sky,
on a new earth, with royal gold paved kingdom avenues,
sharing magnificent glory with our brother, Jesus Christ, as king.

And so hear the call and bring your family into the joys of the Kingdom.
Follow the words of our beloved brother as he prays for the family
to reconnect the kingdom with all sisters and brothers.

Call all siblings and neighbors to walk with us and help prepare The Way.

All we are asked to do is to simply turn our hearts to love
and free ourselves of selfishness
and invite our siblings and neighbors to do likewise.

And as we finish this journey on earth,
and ascend to our parent’s open arms,
let us keep our hearts open and minds focused
on love preparations for this journey,
avoiding temptations to believe all illusions
that would come into our imaginations of the beguiling flesh.

Let us pray to be delivered from these temptations
that deceive us by insisting that we must somehow earn our way
to receive our grace gift: our new home.
For we are created family! And our heritage is a promised gift!

Let us know that we have been rescued from all temptations.

Help us to avoid continued illusions of false teachings
and learn to abandon the ways of selfish men who teach fear and pain,
and enslave many of our family members, teaching lies and judging
from their own blind lust for selfish gain.

Deliver us from these disciples of complexity and division
who can only cause us to stumble, giving us pain, delaying our progress
and complicating our preparations to ascend from earth.

Deliver us from their teachings of false religions and blind paths.
Help us to continue to understand that our parent is Love and Light, not a system.
Deliver us to our parent's home: up, around obstacles and over stars
Let us not be delayed by configurations of tempting schemes to scuttle and rob us
of our given birthrights, by teaching us images of delay, evil and fear.

Let us bypass these twisted words speaking spiritual lies
and simply accept and share pure love
through spirit-filled true heart-felt wise godly actions,
loving our parent, mother and father and brother, Jesus
each, with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength,
and loving our neighbor, earthly brothers and sisters, as ourselves,
our only commandment from our brother, Jesus.

Help us to avoid elevating our own selfish interests
above family interests,
and deliver us from all temptations to judge other family members
or try to be boss, as each of us is but one family member.

And so my brother, Jesus Christ and I enthusiastically wait for you
in this season’s thanksgiving, giving all power and glory to our parent,
joyfully speaking to everyone about our new home
full of beautiful bright light and love, radiating perfection, truth and glory through all of the heavens in lasting brilliance… forever and ever.

And tonight we pray for our family's eternal well being
and the fulfillment of our parent's dream,
and urge the soon coming of our brother
to carry us away to our new heavenly home on a new earth.

And we urge you to come now and join us. Let us pray continually
that all of our spiritual energy will be joyfully reconnected
in love and light as we share the joys, glory and power with our parent,
singing praises to our brother, the king, and parent, mother/father,
one spirit, our Creator and Lord of our reconnecting returning family.


This is what The Lord's Prayer means to me.
Will you come home with me?
My sister … my brother
A Christmas Eve invitation.

Gifted  by Shining Dove, your Heart of a Lamb 
Contact shiningdove@alightfromwithin.org, where she blogs at many places around the globe, as a Lakota and Jew, her knowledge of the heart of the world, brings us to and fro, over the horizon, where we all learn and grow! Let us be united as Heaven and Earth, humanity's refuge to love!

The will of one, who's heart so pure, lets out a shout, "Hooray, we're here!" Come and feel my heart today, to open the door to my cave. Inside the light is rare, but dim to cast a shadow, to feel the whim, but in the deepest recesses, there lies a treasure so deer. Come one and all, come be the fall, that's the place, where Rainbow's call, and whence the falling stars delight, comes home to brotherhood in delight.

Warriors of the Earth  

I sing for you, the song of time, to bend the will of all sublime (the many splendid colors of the Rainbow), to bee (freedom) the heart of loving space, to go from here to heaven's grace.  And once we find, the world of mine, then you shall be there to receive, with arms so wide, they wilt (bend in time) next to mine, and we embrace to know love is blind (to all impure, bring your relative homeward to a pure heart, with sacred blessings). Let faith know God is part of me, let faith offer us liberty.  And when it's time to be left behind, will my brother or my sister reach out to find mine!
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